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Lyla Lounge Suite is an impressive and luxurious lounge suite.  An elegant lounge suite that provides you with a classical and modern masterpiece that makes a powerful statement in any home.


Luxury Lounge Furniture

Product Information

  1. Ultra comfort
  2. Functional and design detail
  3. Specialised foam and fibre seating offers resilience and is long lasting
  4. Hypersoft seating is 90% more stable than conventional foam
  5. Manufactured in South Africa to meet ISO quality standards
  6. Slimline arms maximises on limited space
available colors
product dimensions
1 Seater 1000mm x 1000mm x 930mm
2 Seater 1760mm x 1050mm x 930mm
3 Seater 2360mm x 1050mm x 930mm
Suite Available in 321 1 Action Suite
321 3 Action Suite
321 5 Action Suite
321 3 Action Suite + Console
321 5 Action Suite + Console
321 6 Seater Static Suite